The furniture quality Cortland Cases allows the discriminating Doll House Miniaturist, Scale Car Enthusiast or collector of other small treasures an opportunity to display their talents or collectables in an attractive dust free environment. The Interchangeable Insert feature provides a chance to generate a variety of different Vignettes to display in the same case at different times. The Insert becomes the canvas upon which the artist creates three-dimensional art.

About Us

Cortland Doan has been manufacturing the Cortland Cases for over twenty-five years. Both Cortland and his wife Virginia have been Dealers at miniature shows in the Western States for years and are avid Miniaturists. Both are members of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MINIATURE ENTHUSIASTS. Their son, Chuck and oldest daughter, Aspin, are also very involved miniature hobbyists, using the cases

to display their artistic talents.

The basic design of the Cortland Case, with its Interchangeable Insert, came about while watching Virginia work in a Miniature Room Box. Applying wallpaper, placing furniture and accessories, sometimes with both hands in the box, and still keeping everything straight and level led to rather high levels of frustration at times.

Suddenly, the “Eureka Moment!!! Why not put the inside of the box outside the box—and then make a lot of box insides so you can put different things in the same box? Thus, the Interchangeable Insert. When finished, the Insert simply slides into the main case and becomes the “inside” of the box. The Insert allows the Miniaturist to work with everything right out in the open on the workbench without any restrictions from the display case.