The Insert

Each case comes with one blank Interchangeable Insert installed. Additional blank Inserts may be purchased at any time to create additional scenes to be used in the case.

The Standard Insert working area for the Dollhouse Miniature case is 12 ¼” wide by 5 ½” deep with a back wall 8” high. The Deep Case working area is 12 ¼” wide by 7” deep with a back wall of 8” high. See the “footprint” of the two Inserts, Fig. 1

fig 1
Fig. 1

Many Miniaturists like to commemorate Holidays to scale, then display that Insert in the case during the appropriate Month.

An example of a Holiday Insert by Virgina Doan


All Cortland Cases come fully lighted with strip Light Emitting Diodes (LED). These lights are brighter, more reliable and much cooler than Incandescent Bulbs and come in warm incadescent color or bright white that simulates sunlight. They operate on 12 Volts DC and come with a small highly regulated power supply that plugs directly into a household outlet.

Standard & Deep Cases

The Standard Dollhouse Miniature Case will hang flat against the wall or, it will free stand on a table, shelf or flat surface. The Deep Case, however, must hang on the wall. The panel that is part of the deep case enables the case to go through the panel back to the wall which gains a full 1 more depth.The panel itself comes covered in a deep Maroon fabric (see Fig. 6) or a Forest Green. Both fabrics compliment the Golden Oak or Walnut frames and cases. Changing the panel covering is simply a matter of removing the case from the panel, sliding the panel out of the frame and applying the new cover. Full instructions come with the Deep Case.


Finish & Style

The Cortland Cases come in two finishes: Golden Oak and Dark Walnut. The edges are finished with a decorative bead, see Fig. 2, or with a metalized Silver or Gold Line for a somewhat more contemporary style. See Fig. 3. The fronts on all styles are .060 thick, clear, heat-formed Acrylic.

Fig. 2 Fig. 3

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