Auto Diorama Cases

The Auto Diorama Cases are designed primarily for 1/24th and 1/25th scale models.

The Diorama Cases like the Dollhouse Miniature cases, will hang flat against the wall or will free stand on a table, shelf or other flat surface. The Deep Case, however, must hang because of its panel that gives it the additional depth, See Fig. 6. The “footprint” of the two Cases can be seen in Fig. 1. See the Panel explanation under Dollhouse Miniature Cases.


Lighting for the Auto Case depends on the model or models to be displayed. If the display is the depict daylight or a bright showroom environment the Bright White LED is the best choice. "Period Pieces" will often look better with the Warm White LED lighting.

Case Selection

The Auto Diorama Cases are available with the same two “footprints” as the Dollhouse Miniature cases. The difference is the inside working height is 5" instead of 8". There are occasions when the 8" may be used for an Auto Diorama. Fig. 4 and Fig. 5 show two such occasions.

The Silver Line and Gold Line cases lend themselves to the Auto Cases very well. The Silver Line offers a nice compliment to chrome, See Fig. 6.

Fig. 5
Fig. 5

Some of the Die Cast Collectors prefer designing a rather generic Insert and simply display different cars in the same scene. This allows the “Showcasing” of their entire collection over a period of time. See Fig. 6, a generic 50's Case.

50's case
Fig. 6


Customer Finishing

Under certain circumstances, a customer may wish a Case with something other than the normal Golden Oak or Dark Walnut finish. Contact the Manufacturer to explore the possibilities of a Raw Case for customer finishing at: info@cortlandcases.com

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